Saturday, August 6, 2011

Misadventures with the elderly......

I recently went to Louisiana with my mom & aunt (the elderly) to do a little gambling. I have been home all summer so I jumped at the chance to get out of town, even if it was only for two days! Of course, we didn't win anything and lost everything ( I shouldn't say everything because I think I gained about 10 lbs. in two days). We should have taken JP's advice and turned around when my aunt got pulled over for speeding before we even left town! Don't worry, she just got a warning.
We got there around 9 AM because we left at the butt crack of dawn. We first went to L'auberge du Lac to gamble and I got to see an old friend from high school which was nice. My mom's birthday is in August so she got a free t-shirt, cupcake, and buffet from them, which was awesome! We thought our luck had turned around.........
When it got closer to check in time at our hotel, Delta Downs, we headed over there hoping we would have better luck at their casino. I would just like to add, there should be at least a non-smoking section in casinos. My throat and eyes are still burning from all the smoke, not to mention my hair and clothes reeking. It's absolutely disgusting and I don't think my health should be compromised because you can't control your addiction and choose to destroy your health. Ok, I'm off my soapbox now. 
I had planned to spend most of my time out of the casino and by the pool but when I went to scope it out it was over run with kids of all ages! I deal with kids all day at work, I like my summers kid free (well, except for the little monsters I'm related to, I love them). Which, why take a family vacation to a hotel & casino, I will never understand.
Next sign of bad luck, I had to deal with our neighbors while I was out of town.... Our first night there I got a message on fb from one of our neighbors. Since JP sometimes works 24hr shifts, our dogs are left out in the backyard when no one is home. First, I have lived in this house for 20 years now and have NEVER had a problem with neighbors or dogs. Second, there is a little bit of back story to this whole neighbor/dog war which I won't get in to, you just need to know she's not friendly and calls the cops..... A LOT. So this message came at midnight saying that our dogs haven't stopped barking for 4 hours straight (which 4 hours straight? wouldn't they be hoarse by then?) and she needs sleep for work and her son has to go to school, blah blah blah. She knew we were out of town, just go yell at them to SHUT UP! Problem solved! Then, after the message, she wrote on my fb wall! Really? Necessary? I think not. I wrote her back and told her sorry and we were trying to find someone to come get the dogs. After about an hour and waking up two different people the problem was solved. Although, one of those people told me HER dogs were howling and barking just as much as ours were, which is usually the case. So I was thankful she didn't call the cops THIS TIME, since we ARE friends on fb and we went to high school together....... at least, I thought she DIDN'T call the cops. I get home and there is a note from the cops about our dogs barking continuously and neighbors complaining. This just really ticked me off! GRRRR! I almost want to keep leaving them outside just to torture her for being a BIA! Here's an idea, come over to our house one day and talk to us about it! JP has even tried going over to their house to talk to them and they wouldn't answer the door, ridiculous.
Anyways, even though we didn't win anything we still had a good time. There was lots of laughter, mostly at the elderly's expense. They are 2 funny ladies! But next time, we'll take our money and spend it in Rockport, relaxing. Gambling is stressful! I think between the smoke and stress I took 3 years off my life. Oh, and I think I missed my doggies as much as my hubbmeister, if not more. Is that bad?

This post written for my BFF, HB, enjoy living vicariously!

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